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The Santo de Madera is a sailing ship under the patronage of Don Roberto (Robertino to his closest friends) de San Cristobal. She was one of the few Castillian ships that survived that disastrous battle with Avalon years before and has since been decommissioned, although she seems to have picked up a touch of the Avalon Glamour from that encounter.

She is now captained by Winston Pugh, himself an Avalonian with a handy smattering of Glamour. Winston is good-natured and artistic, though slightly gullible and more than a little fond of his own creature comforts. He is notorious for his sweet tooth. Though he seems an unlikely candidate for his position, he has somehow managed to prevail....

Captain Pugh's second-in-command is Pegs, another unlikely leader. Pegs is a tiny little man, far more willing to defer to others than to impose his will. He is very conscious of his lack of ability in a fight, and there, as always, tends to give way.

The real brains behind the operation of the ship lie, perhaps, with the quartermaster and the navigator. They represent two very different forms of intelligence. Robert, the quartermaster, is a man of details and specific know-how; he has a tendency to be fussy and is apt to worry unduly. Olaf, the navigator, is on the other hand a man of theory and general scholarship; he is a little full of himself, admittedly, but there is no denying that he is the most literate and well-read member of the crew. The two tend to have little to do with each other, however; not because they actually dislike each other, but because neither has seen much cause to seek the other's company, especially since Olaf tends to keep to himself.

Robert does, however, harbour a certain distaste for Diego, the newest crewmember. Diego is a swordsman, hired for security and on his way to becoming a master gunner. He is brash, rash, eternally upbeat and irrepressible. His high-energy antics have more than once rubbed Robert the wrong way. Robert tries to get along; Diego assumes that everyone, including Robert, is getting along just fine.

Then there are Cunegonda and Ruy. Cunegonda hails from Vodacce, and had simply appeared on the ship one day and insisted on a position. Hesitant though the rest of the crew were to take her on (everyone knew the reputation of mysterious Vodacce women), they made her the ship's cook, and they have never regretted the decision. Cunegonda acts as a mother to the whole of the crew; she is warm, caring and sympathetic, though more than a little stubborn. Her son Ruy (no-one knows who his father is, though the name suggests this missing father might have been Castillian) is, naturally, the cabin boy. He is light-hearted, innocent and enthusiastic, and greatly admires his friend Diego. As a result, Diego enjoys rather more of Cunegonda's mothering than the rest of the crew.

And lastly, there is Igor the helmsman, as bleak and moody as the vast forests of his homeland of Ussura. He is apt to be gloomy, and a little passive-aggressive. Still, it is entirely possible that he is secretly having a bit of a laugh at everyone else. People don't always notice Igor slouch in the background, which is occasionally useful; Igor, for his part, always remembers to thank people for noticing him.
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