Cygnia (cygnia) wrote in 7thsea,

The first thing to do is kill all the Fate Witches...

I love 7th Sea...I really do.

Why oh why can't I ever seem to find ANYONE capable of a Fate Witch who A) DOESN'T wallow wangst, B) isn't literate in several different language &/or C) isn't running away from a horribly evil/abusive family/husband?!

EVERY freakin' 7th Sea game I've been in where there's been a Fate Witch player character they ALWAYS have to use those same damn cliches.

Fate magic is one of the most powerful sorceries in Theah. And yes, as a balance, it is stressed that Fate Witches are not allowed to read under penalty of death. However, this does NOT translate into every Vodacce man is a misogynistic SOB who is ready to rape you and beat you like a horse!

Yes, the rights of women are severely limited. The men of Vodacce may talk all macho, but behind the scenes they walk on eggshells around the Strega. Why? Because they know if they piss them off, Fate has a funny way of screwing them over. Fate Witches are known for their curses and blessings...even an Apprentice level Strega can cast them. Behind the scenes, Fate Witches are the ones pulling the strings in Vodacce!

But no, every Fate Witch I've seen has to pull the wangst card. They all have to be runaways who always secretly have learned how to read because their families are oh so terrible and EVIL~! and their husbands to be are ugly and abusive.

KNOCK IT OFF! If everyone and everything was REALLY as bad in Vodacce as you snot-nosed lacy wankerchiefs make it out to be, there wouldn't be anyone left in the damn country since apparently it's rather easy to escape from it the way you all keep doing it!

For once, be happy with your family and/or husband. Be illiterate. Revel in the fact that you can manipulate a man without dropping trow. IT WON'T [BLEEP]ING KILL YOU!!!

Next time I run 7th Sea? NO [BLEEP]ING FATE WITCHES ALLOWED!!!

Everyone has to "buck society & tradition" by playing the same cookie-cutter runaway secretly educated damsel in distress. Dear sweet Legion, THERE ARE OTHER PATHS TO FOLLOW!!! DO IT!!!

And GMs, if you have such creatures infesting your games, show some spine for once and BUST THEM FOR READING!!!
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