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A Fate Witch without the angsty past

Inspired by Cygnia's rant.

Isabella was a happy strega. Her parents doted on her, and had arranged to marry her off to a charming young nobleman, an up-and-coming diplomat. She fell in love with her husband less than a year after their marriage, and he with her. Life was good and comfortable.

After three years of wedded bliss, her husband was sent to Avalon on a diplomatic mission. Difficulties arose, and it looked as though he might be stuck there somewhat longer than expected. So he sent for her to join him. However, along the way her ship was attacked by pirates. Isabella's bodyguards and servants were killed; Isabella herself was taken prisoner, but not before she'd done enough damage to the pirates' collective fates that the ship ran straight into a storm and sank. Isabella somehow survived, and was washed up on the shore of [Occupied Castille / Montaigne / Eisen / Vendel].

Isabella speaks Vodacce, Thean and Avalon. The peasants who found her speak none of these; their parish priest might have understood Thean, but he [was killed by Montaigne soldiers / was deported / was killed by a very harsh winter / is Objectionist and actually doesn't]. Isabella can neither read nor write, and so cannot send a message to her family or even to the priest of a neighbouring parish. She probably hasn't even thought of doing that, given her upbringing. She's always been a pampered noblewoman, and would never dream of setting out all alone, especially in a strange country. She has no money with which to hire an escort, and it looks as though the chances of meeting anyone who would understand her requests are extraordinarily slim.

Enter the rest of the PCs, at least some of whom presumably speak one of her languages. Isabella joins the party because they're her only ticket out of the mess she's in. They've obviously got more important quests -- or they will, shortly after setting out -- and Isabella can only hope that they'll swing by either Vodacce or Avalon soon; besides, her pride would never allow her to beg for help from strangers like some common streetperson. There is no quick means of communication from anywhere that isn't Montaigne, and then Porte-messaging will cost more money than she's currently got. The GM will keep the entire party too busy for her to send a proper message from anywhere, in any case; and it might be that, by the time she reaches Avalon, her husband will have left for some other diplomatic business elsewhere....


Isabella, Hero (Arcana: Proud. Oh no, she's not looking for handouts, she's just working with the rest of the party until she gets what she wants....)

Brawn 2, Finesse 2, Wits 3, Panache 2, Resolve 3

Advantages: full-blooded Sorte, Language (Thean), Language (Avalon), Toughness

- Sorte: Coins 1, Swords 2, Staves 3, Arcana 1
- Courtier: Dancing 1, Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Oratory 1
- Servant: Etiquette 3, Fashion 2, Menial Tasks 2, Unobtrusive 1
- Artist: Music 3

- Hunting (or come up with a better name for what she's doing) 3

(She should have a couple of points left over to put into her Knacks, or perhaps buy another advantage -- Able Drinker would be interesting -- but I don't have my core books and I don't remember what Toughness costs.)
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