Ninjahan (knowthyself) wrote in 7thsea,

Gay characters

I'm about to start a 'miniseries' campaign--3 or 4 sessions, and maybe someday we'll come back to the characters--and one of my players has a young lady who's running from a betrothal. Why? Well, she's more likely to like the would-be groom's sister than she is to like the groom!

As this issue isn't addressed in the book, I'm wondering if anyone else has had a gay character in their campaign, and how they dealt with it in-game. Obviously if she doesn't tell anyone, it's less of an issue, but if it does come out, I'm not entirely certain how people in general will react to that. And while a quick internet search has given me some info on the fact the term 'gay' wasn't used in the 17th century as it is today, I haven't yet found much in the ways of informing how such was viewed at that time in the real world.

So, any notions, theories or stories or advice is welcomed! Thanks in advance. :)
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