DrgnMaster (drgnmaster) wrote in 7thsea,

Spoiler Questions

OK, I know the line is more or less dead. I don't know if anyone has come out behind the scenes and asked or what so I'm asking here. Can give your opinions if you like I just ask that you not them as such.

Who/What is Theus? I know there was talk about her being the same type of person as Malashaka(sp) from Usurra (if I get the names wrong I apologize, don't have the books in front of me and been at least 2 years since I looked at them, darn storage).

In one of the catacombs under Numa there is the metal etching of humans with gears underneath. Was this brought up again? I know of the mechanical men, just curious if anything has been said about that one place, or if there's a connection.
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