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GM plots and ideas: Waisen

What are the waisen?

What has caused the Waisen to come about?

Currently in my campaign I have the following lead up that I am plotting ways to follow through:

Basically the party is currently adventuring in Eisen. One of the members a Fhideli is looking for her cousin that settled in Eisen and hasn't written home in awhile. One of the members is a Eisen/Montaigne half breed and before his mother died she told him what he knew of his father, that he was from a certain town in Eisen. Long story short they end up in Seefur at which point Fishler comes up to them at their tavern table and asks the party to check out why a certain town hasn't been heard from in a couple of weeks. Coincendentily enough... it's the same town the two family members are supposidly from.
On the way there, they meet with a old herb woman to heal some of their wounds. While there she drops a prophesy on them:
The loveless came and found love
Love was lost and tears became trees
Return the love to restore the land.

When they get to the town they are looking for they find it overgrown with trees and over the night they spend outside, they notice the treeline got closer to them... Finally getting into the area where the town should have been they find the remnants of the blacksmiths forge, mostly the iron tools. And a lone cabin that has been untouched with a particularly beautiful and lithe woman inside. She talks of her missing husband and son. Somehow or another the party agrees to go looking for the womans son and child. They find their way to where they supposidly where cutting wood before they disappeared and find a tree that has been aged rapidly and child sized footprints heading off north that seem to wither away any undergrowth that they step on.
Long story short, they find the child, who is following a pack of Waisen trying to feed them as best he can since his father is among them, as are the missing villagers.

Now I think I have decided that Zorstrung the eisen magic is what is causing the waisen. The village had a particular bad case of it due to the son who is a untrained user of it accidentally caused it among the village.
In order to resolve things they are going to have to cure the waisen disease. I have a couple of theories on ways to do that:
First, the Sidhe balm that makes people able to live longer, actually cures the disease but if it does cure it it does not make them live longer. This will lead the party into Bryn Brasil and to find a Sidhe willing to help them since the fallen Sidhe they have met outside does not have access to those resourses anymore since she fell in love with a human.
Secondly, Perhaps some kind of Vodacce poision?
Thirdly, I am thinking about the Americas, and I would love to create them based on Orson Scott Card's 7th Son series, that magic would certainly be able to cure the Waisen. But how would the party know this, since it is still as of yet undiscovered?

Basically I'm asking what you all think of my cause for the Waisen and possible solutions?
Of course as long as the zeorstrung mages are around (or even partial bloods that may not have any control over it) the waisen will continue to be a problem. But that is another adventure if they feel like dealing with it.
Thanks drgnmaster, I almost forgot this community existed. I've just been bouncing my plot ideas off my husband who doesn't know a whole lot about the system, so this will work much better.
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